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DAY 1 EU-CORSIA Workshop on 21-23 September 2021
Monitoring, reporting and verification methodologies and data collection tools

All presentations of the workshop are available here (click to open the files):


21 September 2021, DAY 1

  • Opening, Ms Eleonora Italia EU-CORSIA Africa and Caribbean Project Manager EASA

  • Objectives of the Workshop and Presentation of the Structure (click here for the presentation)

    • EASA Environment Expert, Mr Joonas Laukia 

    • Lead Environment Expert of EU CORSIA Africa and Caribbean

  • The role of CASSOS and CASSOA in Facilitating the Harmonised Implementation of CORSIA Scheme (see video in videochannel of the event)

    • CASSOS Office Manager, Ms Cleonie Williams

    • CASSOA Mr Sylvestre Sinarinzi on behalf of Mr Mohammed Besta -Director Technical

  • CORSIA Introduction and Administration (click here for the presentation)

    • EU CORSIA project experts

      • African French speaking project countries, Mr Andreas Hardeman

      • Maria de la Rica, African English speaking project countries 

      •  Ms Monica Bonfanti, Caribbean project countries


The project is funded by the European Union DG INTPA

and implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency

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