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CORSIA in 2024: what’s next?

Opportunities, challenges and actions for the State Authorities, Airplane Operators, the National Accreditation Bodies and the Verification Bodies.


The objective of the regional workshop is to gather delegations from the 14 project partner states of the Caribbean to discuss together about the most important building blocks of CORSIA implementation for the coming years, to share experience and challenges, to enhance synergies and cooperation among them.

The main topics that will be addressed during the workshop will be:

  1. the process of the calculation of the offsetting for the aeroplane operators attributed to the specific states.

  2. the interaction they need to create with national stakeholders and mainly with the ministry of environment to start the application process for CORSIA eligible emissions unit.

  3. the potentiality and advantages of creating Verification Bodies accredited also for CORSIA subscope, highlighting the importance of a regional approach.

. Senior officers from Civil Aviation Authority/Department of Civil Aviation working with CORSIA
. representative of Ministry of Transport and/ or Environment directly involved in the CORSIA implementation
. CORSIA focal point in Airline Operators
. CORSIA Assessors in the National Accreditation Bodies
. National Accreditation Bodies representatives working with certification/validation/verification
. potential candidate Verification Bodies to be nominated by the National Accreditation Bodies
. all the significant counterparts involved in the CORSIA implementation in your country

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