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About EU-CORSIA Africa and Caribbean


In December 2019 the European Commission, through the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), mandated the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to implement the project named “Capacity building for CO2 mitigation from international aviation Africa and the Caribbean (CORSIA Africa & the Caribbean)” supported and sponsored by the European Union.

This project aims at supporting targeted States in raising their ambition in terms of commitments towards ICAO’s recommendations and aspirational goals on reducing CO2 emissions from international aviation using all mechanisms as suggested and designed by ICAO.

The project’s main objective is to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the civil aviation sector, primarily by assisting countries in the implementation of CORSIA at the earliest opportunity.

It contributes to global climate change action, in the interest of citizens and industry, by promoting international environmental standards and expertise.

The following activities will be undertaken:

  • Regional workshops on relevant monitoring and reporting methodologies and data collection tools.

  • Support to the systematic analysis and validation of available emissions/air traffic data/fuel consumption data

  • Support the design and setting up of greenhouse gas emissions data reporting mechanism and national emissions inventory

  • Training on IT data collection tools (CORSIA-ready AES 2.0 developed/deployed in project phase I), installation, data importing and extraction procedures

  • Raise the knowledge and understanding of aviation’s climate change impacts and related policy measures through dedicated workshops and training courses while promoting engagement with national transport/aviation and environment/climate entities as well as regional participation.

  • Motivate behavioural changes through the sharing of best practices from other regions and/or other geographical zones.

  • Support in aligning - and where necessary designing - the required domestic legal framework to address aviation’s climate change impact, including CORSIA implementation.

  • Technical assistance, to be delivered o-site and/or remotely, aimed at the creation of national and/or regional verification bodies for the purposes of the CORSIA verification process, adopting a regional approach where appropriate.




To know more about our workplan, please see our list of activities or contact us.


The project is funded by the European Union DG INTPA

and implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency

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